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Inner Wheel

New Zealand

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Whether you join one of our physical Clubs or become a Virtual Member, we will be happy to welcome you. 

Joining an Inner Wheel Club


    • Monthly meetings with like minded women.
    • Sharing friendship and service for a variety of causes and Charities from your community and beyond.
    • Becoming a member of a worldwide organisation of female volunteers.
    • A chance to develop and share leadership skills.
    • A sense of belonging and connectivity with a wider community.
    • And so much more...

Find a Club in your area, or reach out if you'd like to find out more.

Join Now

Meetings take place the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm; Become a Virtual Member today and join us for our next meeting!

Becoming a Virtual Member

Are you interested in giving service to the community but:

      • There are no Clubs in your local area; or
      • You don't have the time to commit to being in a Club?

Then you may be interested in being a Virtual Member.

Virtual membership offers flexible opportunities to meet like-minded women who value friendship and service. 

You can join via an online portal and will be connected to a Club within the District where you reside. You will be joining a network of over 1200 women in New Zealand and 108,000 women worldwide with a common bond of being women in action, sharing friendship through service. 

Online groups and virtual Club meetings will connect you to women involved in acts of service throughout the country.

What else is included?

You will be connected to Members in your District and as an Inner Wheel member of the District, you are invited to:

  • All District events and Activities, in person and online
  • All IWNZ Events and activities, in person and online

Become a Virtual Member now or Reach out if you'd like to find out more!

Create a Club

Another way of joining Inner Wheel New Zealand is to gather ten friends and create a Club of your own! If this interests you, please contact us for more information via email at

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