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Inner Wheel Centennial 2024

The Inner Wheel Centennial will be taking place in Manchester on January 10th 2024.

As an organisation in New Zealand, we are fortunate to have this chance to promote a stunning Rose. that has been carefully cultivated especially for our organisation, to be the centre of our International Inner Wheel Celebrating 100 years. This “In Friendship” Rose is quickly becoming a worthwhile option to share with loved ones, friends, and colleagues, or to plant in your own garden. The proceeds of the sale of the Roses will be distributed to GirlBoss NZ and Mitey-Sir John Kirwan Foundation.

Have a look at our flyer announcing the fundraising sale of IWNZ's "In Friendship" Rose! You can order this beautiful rose below.

Keep an eye on this page for additional information!


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"In Friendship" Rose

The NGB has commissioned a special rose to celebrate the IWNZ Centenary. This rose is called “In Friendship” and will be exclusive to IWNZ and we hold the worldwide patent for it. Members can purchase this rose, both for themselves and for fundraisers. This rose will be delivered as bare root roses to those who purchase them and will be ready for delivery in June 2024. A pre-order form will be available soon.

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